WORLD SERIES and the Cubbies

Bling n Ink supports all teams and all sports but this weekend, they are a little bias and need to cheer for our Cubbies!  Cheers to all the baseball fans!  Enjoy the rest of the Series!12106827_996612660404614_1660022592072161641_n


Halloween Coming Soon

I can’t believe how fast the summer goes by! We are already passed the start of school and well into September. Before you know it, the leaves will start changing (in parts of the country where that happens, anyway 🙂 and the Pumpkin Spice will be everywhere!


My favorite part about this time of year is getting my costume and dress up things ready for Halloween. I love wearing festive shirts out and about during the days leading up to Halloween that are cute, fun, and, of course, sparkle!!


With that in mind, I’ve designed some really fun Halloween shirts this year. I have an adorable “Boo” shirt with a super cute ghost, a cute “Happy Halloween” one with bats, and a “Spooky” one for those who want to get a bit more scary.


I have lots more, too. Be sure to check them all out in my Halloween section of the Bling N Ink website.



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