iloveblingOwning your own business has its good days and its bad days.  While I love having the freedom of making my own schedule, working from home and not having to answer to anyone; I also hate not having a set schedule, never leaving work because all my work is here at home and not having to be accountable to anyone.  You see, its a catch 22.  The things I love are sometimes the things that are most difficult about this job.

Sometimes I wish someone else could handle all of the accounting because I don’t know all there is to know about business accounting and taxes.  Sometimes I wish someone could do all of my social media marketing and build my website for me because I am still learning and don’t have time to master the world of SEO and social media.

However, this weekend I was able to accomplish something that I have been wanting to do for awhile now!  I built this website!  Now, grant it, I did it on Weebly so it wasn’t all that difficult but the fact is- I did it by myself and it is exactly how I want it! (minus a few tweaks I need to work on)!  I am not usually one to toot my own horn but I am proud of what I have learned and accomplished over the past 5 years in business.  I learned how to keep my own books, I learned more about social media and attempt to post regularly.  I taught myself to learn how to use design programs and have been creating products for hundreds of clients over the past 5 years.  And I finally figured out how to build a website that I am proud of…..all by myself!

Owning my own business is tough, but on days like this- I feel pretty accomplished!




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